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Digital Smile Conference 2.0
1-3 Mar 2024
iLD Study Club
29 Apr 2021
Digital Smile Conference
23-24 Feb 2019
HKSED 1st Symposium
17-18 Nov 2018
DSD Day in Hong Kong
1-2 Oct 2018
Resins in Aesthetic Zone
20 Jul 2018
Shade Matching
13 Jun 2018
Digital Revolution
24 May 2018
Inagural Lecture
12 Mar 2018
About Us

The Hong Kong Society of Esthetic Dentistry, formerly known as the “Hong Kong Esthetic Dentistry Study Group that was found by Dr Ryan Tse Tak On in 2015, was formally incorporated on 1 December 2017 by 5 founding Committee members, who are from different fields of dentistry.

The mission of the Society is to promote the advancement of the art and science of esthetic and inter-disciplinary dentistry among Hong Kong dental profession and the public.

Our Aims
  • To promote the advancement of the art and science of esthetic dentistry and its associated subjects;
  • To foster greater awareness of esthetic principles and techniques within the dental profession and the public;
  • To encourage communications, patient care, research and education collaborations among dental and medicine disciplines;
  • To promote the pursuit of excellence in dental treatment, both intra and extra oral, and thus improve the well being and function of the entire person;
  • To improve oral health care in Hong Kong and regional population.
Committee Member

Dr Anita Wong

Vice President
Dr Adrian Seto

Dr Raymond Chow

Honorary Secretary
Dr Stephanie Fong

Council Member
Dr Franklin She

Council Member
Dr Dominic Ho

Council Member
Dr Adrian Hon

Council Member
Dr Steven Wong

Immediate Past President
Dr Ryan Tse

Immediate Past Vice-Preisdent
Dr Edward Tam